Residential Treatment

Havenwyck Hospital Residential TreatmentHavenwyck Center is a 54-bed, licensed, residential, secure treatment program specifically designed for children and adolescents ages 8 to 17, with emotional and/or behavioral impairments that require them to be in a secure, 24-hour supervised therapeutic living situation.

Program Advantages:

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Variable Lengths of Stay
  • Family Empowerment Model
  • Age-Specific Programming
  • Secure Environment
  • State-Licensed School
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Multidisciplinary Evaluation

Children and adolescents residing in Havenwyck Center have been unable to function successfully at home, in school and in their social relationships. The program facilitates a multi-disciplinary treatment approach which includes individual, group, family, psychopharmacology and recreational therapies; as well as a variety of multidisciplinary and substance abuse groups.

Our objectives are to:

  • Accurately diagnose and treat underlying psychiatric and trauma issues.
  • Help youth understand their maladaptive behaviors and improve their levels of functioning using a cognitive behavioral, family systems approach.
  • Provide therapeutic interventions intensive enough for the young person to remain free of maladaptive behaviors following discharge from the center.
  • Assist parents and families in being the vehicles of change for their teenagers, increasing the likelihood of a permanent and successful return home.
  • To develop a comprehensive, integrated discharge plan.
  • Return the young person, as soon as possible, to his or her home environment with more age-appropriate and responsible behaviors.

Eligibility Requirements

The program serves children and adolescents between eight and 17 years of age who:

  • Exhibit emotional and/or behavioral problems beyond the scope of outpatient treatment.
  • Are medically stable and do not require acute psychiatric hospitalization.

Referrals to the residential programs may be made by Department of Human Services, Community Mental Health agencies, juvenile courts, hospitals, schools, case managers, therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, parents and family members.

For further information, 24 hours a day, call the Residential Treatment Center at 248-373-3366.